y Friendship Community Center

Friendship Community Center

The Community Center is located behind Friendship's Station 9. The Community Center may be rented by the public for family reunions, birthday parties, classes, meetings and other gatherings. It has a large hall with tables and chairs, a kitchen, bar-b-q pit and bathrooms. Those interested in renting the community center may call the Friendship Water Works.

Friendship Community Center

Each year, members of the fire department gather together and cook their famous camp stew at the center to help the community and raise funds for the fire department. The camp stew is sold at the annual horse show and also at "Trade Day" which is held in Tallassee.

Extrication class meeting at community center
Meeting held in the Community Center after an extrication class in 2007.

Friendship School

From a one room log cabin to an imposing red brick structure built on this site, Friendship School served the community from around 1882 until 1961. During this period, Indian Springs School served the Dark Corner Community and Liberty School served the Liberty Community. By 1931, both schools were closed and had merged with Friendship School.

Friendship School 1882-1961

The log cabin and two other school builds were located near Friendship Baptist Church. The last building, shown above, stood on this site from 1937 to 1977 and served and served the first through the eight grades with two grades in each room. It was closed in 1961 and was then used as a community center until December 25, 1977 when it was destroyed by fire..

Arena behind Friendship Fire Department

Also located behind Station 9 is an arena. The annual horse show is held here every fall and is hosted by the Rotary Club. Friendship Fire Department provides lunch, dinner and snacks for the participants of the horse show and spectators at the Community Center. Below is our new sign that we received from a Forestry Grant advertising camp stew and B-B-Q Plates atthe horse show.

Sign in front of fire department

The Fire Department also utilizes the Community Center for training purposes. One of our recent classes was a landing lone class with the Air EVAC 64 crew out of Wetumpka, AL. Friendship FD, along with Tallassee FD, cooked steaks for the Air EVAC crew and enjoyed fellowship with the crew members. We were able to look over their helicopter and equipment and ask questions.