Training at Station 9

Friendship Fire Department members meet each Tuesday night at 7pm for training class. Want to help serve your community? If you think you can handle the HEAT, then please come join the team.

Training is a vital part to all fire departments and is an ongoing process. It is necessary that personnel are kept up to date on all of their skills and knowledge. With the proper training, they will be able to work together as a team to get the job done.

There are many different forms of training. Training classes consist of learning how to use equipment and mastering it to the point of perfection. Training can be anything from learning the territory that is in their response area so that they can respond to emergencies in a timely manner to actual hands on drills with the equipment and apparatus or safety training. Training can also be classroom instruction which is important in building the knowledge of each person. Participating in a live burn helps to give personnel the hands on experience in coming face-to-face with fire and its behavior so that they will be better prepared for the real thing.

live burn training

Above are some old photos of a live burn from 2000.


These are some various photos of hose training, foam use, ladders, EVOC and, spinal packing.


New photos coming soon.